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REZKIDS is designed to equip and partner with families as you seek to invest in the spiritual wholeness of your children.


  • Children are a gift from God and valuable members of our community. 
  • Children, just like grown-ups, are desperate for Christ's redeeming love. 
  • Children can grow in faith and learn to make wise choices. 
  • Children love to laugh and have fun. 

We value the role of kids in our community and are committed to cultivating an environment where they feel known, loved and respected. 

We intend to draw kids into an engaging and enjoyable encounter with the gospel using language familiar to them. We encourage them to learn to ask good questions in the discovery of who they are and who God is. And our hope is that their lives would be shaped dramatically by the gospel, building a foundation of love, wholeness, purpose, and hope that shapes their lives (and those around them) for years to come!

Because worship is a celebration of grace, not a theological lecture, children of all ages are encouraged to join us at anytime during the service. We are used to having them around! We also offer a safe place for kids to be together during worship.

A full childcare program is offered during Sunday evenings, held in the classrooms in the back sanctuary. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Erin Van Horn,