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Come join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10am at 1800 Rossville Ave Suite 118 in the Historic Southside. Street parking is available on the side streets around the church (Rossville, Adams, E 17th, Washington).

Childcare is provided.

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Our mission is to bring heaven to earth, and for us this begins in our lives and neighborhood. It means seeing Chattanoogans  transformed into passionately engaged followers of Jesus. Our desire is for our church is to create an alternative culture that embodies Jesus' love in the city. 


EPHESIANS 3 SAYS THE CHURCH IS THE MANIFOLD WISDOM OF GOD ON DISPLAY to the principalities and powers. Its people, its life, its culture, and its service are telling a story about the God we serve. Therefore our church doesn't just exist for itself, it exists to declare the glory and heart of God to the world. Our hope is that this church will express the following cultural values, giving the world a real encounter of what it feels like to be loved by Jesus:

THE GOSPEL -The gospel is the story of God coming to earth to redeem and renew, in a manner and through a means that could not have been––then or now––more unthinkable, counter-intuitive, or radical. The gospel (literally, the ‘good news’) is that God entered history, walked among us, suffered, died, and rose again on behalf of people who are unable to perfect or satisfy themselves. And in this gospel, all who transfer the weight of lordship from off of themselves and on to Jesus are promised a new identity, new life, and a new future.

GRACE - In a harsh and often unforgiving world, we believe the church should always be the place where people can find grace. Our desire is to see the resurrection joy on a person’s face as they move from death to life in Jesus, coming out from under a lifetime of shame to embrace their new identity as a member of God’s own household.

COMMUNITY - One of the primary metaphors for the church is that of a family. And in a world defined by personal ambition and radical individualism, our hope is to actively live against the trend by opening our hearts and lives to one another so it can increasingly be said, there are no needy among them.

RENEWAL -  We have a conviction that the Creator God is at work to heal and renew the whole world. To follow Jesus and join Him in His mission is to become agents of renewal in our neighborhoods, industries and our city as a whole. 

HOSPITALITY - Hospitality is the practice of making friends and family out of strangers. Being hospitable requires intentional generosity to bless and benefit others––the giving of your home, your food, your love. It's sharing the gifts of family with people outside the family. That's why the gospel is about God's hospitality. God finds strangers and makes them his family. He invites them to His table. The grace we’ve been shown in Jesus hinges on the character of a hospitable God. It is this picture of the gospel that we hope to live out in our neighborhood.

PURSUIT - People in our city are known for having passion for their education, for their career, for their start ups, for their weekends. Few people are passionate about their souls. But we have come to know there is a God of love who meets the deepest longings of our hearts and he wants us to pursue Him above all else.

BEAUTY- God makes all things beautiful. He created us in His image to reflect His beauty, yet we rebelled and sought false beauty in other places.  We marred our beauty, therefore Jesus came to restore our beauty and the beauty of creation. We seek to affirm the beauty inherent in everyone and creation by applying the Gospel for our transformation.